selection of .GPS.

Paul Theodoropoulos paul at
Sun Jul 29 21:26:17 UTC 2018

On 7/29/2018 13:17 PM, Gary E. Miller wrote:
> Best thing is to NOT fudge your GPS to be close.  Then other remote
> time sources will help vote it out.
> Some suggest setting the GPS fudge to be 10 ms off of PPS.  For similar
> reasons.
> You can set the GPS to "noselect", but then you lose it as a fall back
> if all other sources fail.

Ah, okay that makes sense. On boot, the network may not be fully up, so 
my outside peers might not be available yet. Best to have that GPS 
signal available - even if off by multi-ms - until the PPS signal is 
happy, rather than to having nothing at all. I get it now. Thanks!

Paul Theodoropoulos

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