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Yo dropkick23 at gmail.com!

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dropkick23 at gmail.com wrote:

> Well this is interesting!

Which parts?  Other than no SHM in ntpd.

> Having seen Achim Gratz posts on the TinkerBoard, I purchased one.

Got a link to Achim's posts?

> ntp.conf
> refclock shm unit 1 maxpoll 4 refid PPS flag4 1 prefer
> refclock shm unit 0 maxpoll 4 time1 0.133 refid GPS flag4 1

That is a very short ntp.conf.  How does that work?

Looks like the SHM driver is not in your ntpd, otherwise you would see it
in ntpmon.  So a bad ntpd build.

>  ntp built with:
> $ git clone https://gitlab.com/NTPsec/ntpsec.git
> $ cd ntpsec
> $ sudo ./buildprep 2>&1 | tee prep.waf
> $ ./waf configure –-refclock=shm 2>&1 | tee conf.waf
> $ ./waf build 2>&1 | tee build.waf

Why not build with all the refclocks?  That is not a well tested
way to configure NTPsec.

> Nothing in ntpd.log of interest WRT shm/pps/gps

Nothing of interest?  Or Nothing?  The former says the driver loaded, the
later says the driver did not load.

> Not sure what to look at to detemine what the error is.

The build looks bad to me.

When you build ntpd, do you see a line like this?

[ 92/131] Compiling ntpd/refclock_shm.c

Does your build/config.h have these tow lines?

#define CLOCK_SHM 1 /* Enable 'Shared Memory Driver' refclock */
#define REFCLOCK 1 /* Enable refclock support */

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