What's magic about /tmp/? ntpd can't find UNIX socket

Hal Murray halmurray at sonic.net
Thu Oct 19 04:37:06 UTC 2023

I'm working on MS-SNTP.  I have some hack programs that should help exercise 
all the code.  [We should have done this ages ago.]

I put James's patches into my server and tweaked the config.

I put the samba socket in /tmp/
ntpd couldn't see it.  My test programs work fine.

18 Oct 20:52:00 ntpd[5671]: SIGND: can not connect socket 
'/tmp/fake-samba-socket/socket': No such file or directory

What's magic about ntpd and /tmp/?
I'm running on Fedora.

It works when I move the socket to /home/murray/, but I was trying to keep my 
name out of it so somebody else could run my hacks without any edits.

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