Too many merge requests

Hal Murray halmurray at
Sun Oct 15 02:16:12 UTC 2023

James said:
> MR 1333 should address the issue where every response in an mssntp-restricted
> subnet gets lost in ntp_signd.

Is there any reason to approve it now when we don't know if it works yet?

Are all the changes inside an #ifdef?  (and thus unlikely to break normal 

> MR 1331 addresses several issues with ntpdig and MAC handling. 

I hate big python programs.  It would be nice if somebody else took a look at 
that one.

> MR 1325 holds lost patches.

What does "lost patches" mean.? If they are useful, it will be much easier to 
approve them if they are split up -- one problem will hold up the whole 

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