Too many merge requests

James Browning jamesb192 at
Sat Oct 14 15:40:43 UTC 2023

I currently have eight merge requests open; I would like other people 
to merge two. MR 1333 should address the issue where every response
in an mssntp-restricted subnet gets lost in ntp_signd. MR 1331
addresses several issues with ntpdig and MAC handling. OTOH, I am
still preparing MRs 1340, 1337, 1336, 1330, and 1282, while MR 1325
holds lost patches.

In detail, MR 1333 restores the removed MS-SNTP bypass logic (fixing 
the MACless, typical symmetric, and NTS cases). It then adds a
rate-limited logging mechanism, then it adds logging to ntp_signd
where none pre-existed and finally cleans up the code a little.

A look at MR 1331 reveals: First, it tightens the timing by an 
insignificant amount while resolving an obscure issue. Then, it
addresses another more elusive issue. Later, it Fixes an issue with
(previously) untruncated long MACs. Finally, it improves the timing
of subsequent packets insignificantly while ensuring they do not get
additional MACs.

You can stop reading here.

The worst of the not ready is 1325, which has too many patches in the 

MR 1340 would drop Asciidoc3, Ascioidoc-py2 and Asciidoc-py3 (<9.0.0) 
support from NTPsec. I need to think more about MR 1282. It's been
years since anyone cared about NTPsec docker images, so MR 1330 can

Running bin_test against the installed files should be necessary, but 
no one cares for MR 1336. Consistent docs and code regarding the
Address/Protocol Family must be essential to resurrect MR 1337.

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