Broken for OpenSSL 1.1

Fred Wright fw at
Fri Dec 23 00:55:37 UTC 2022

On Wed, 21 Dec 2022, Fred Wright via devel wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Dec 2022, Hal Murray wrote:
>>> I guess if you don't see the issue I'll have to look more closely; I 
>>> thought
>>> you might "just know" the problem.
>> Does git head work on 3.0?
> Yes.  I think it gets confused when the OpenSSL version it's told to use 
> isn't the system default, which is 3.0 in this case.  But I'd made that work 
> in the past, and I haven't yet figured out what differs between the working 
> and non-working 1.1 cases.
> In any case, it's probably not an issue with OpenSSL 1.1 per se, and if I'm 
> right about the general area, it's not a new bug.  I don't think this is a 
> release blocker, though I don't fully understand it yet.

OK, I sorted it out.  I'd forgotten to define PKG_CONFIG_PATH in my test 
scripts, so a -L for openssl3 was getting slipped in ahead of the one for 
openssl11 in the linker options.  After fixing that, I was able to build 
with both openssl11 and openssl3, provided that I also included my kludge 
patch to honor pkgconfig.

I still don't know why the MacPorts build works without defining 
PKG_CONFIG_PATH, but it's not worth the effort to track down a 

IIRC you put in a Linux-specific hack to allow building against a 
non-default OpenSSL, but it's not very general.  If it were fixed to honor 
pkgconfig (which is nontrivial to do correctly), then on any platform all 
one would have to do for an alternate OpenSSL is to point PKG_CONFIG_PATH 
at the appropriate pkgconfig directory.

Fred Wright

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