Broken for OpenSSL 1.1

Fred Wright fw at
Thu Dec 22 06:15:49 UTC 2022

On Wed, 21 Dec 2022, Hal Murray wrote:
> fw at said:
>> It's 1.1.1s, which is the latest 1.1.  I don'think there's anything
>> nonstandard besides using versioned install locations so that multiple
>> versions can be installed side-by-side.
> I poked around some more.  I have it building and running on several boxes
> using 1.1.1.
> Debian bullseye is using 1.1.1n

I think it's partly something I'm doing wrong here, though I haven't 
figured out what.  Even the 1.2.1 release fails the same way when built 
outside the MacPorts setup.  I suspect it relates to the old bug about not 
honoring the OpenSSL info reported by pkgconfig, though I do have my 
kludge patch in place that fixes it for MacPorts (including in the failing 
non-MacPorts build setup).

On Wed, 21 Dec 2022, Hal Murray wrote:

>> I guess if you don't see the issue I'll have to look more closely; I  thought
>> you might "just know" the problem.
> Does git head work on 3.0?

Yes.  I think it gets confused when the OpenSSL version it's told to use 
isn't the system default, which is 3.0 in this case.  But I'd made that 
work in the past, and I haven't yet figured out what differs between the 
working and non-working 1.1 cases.

In any case, it's probably not an issue with OpenSSL 1.1 per se, and if 
I'm right about the general area, it's not a new bug.  I don't think this 
is a release blocker, though I don't fully understand it yet.

Fred Wright

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