tests/option-tester is broken

Hal Murray halmurray at sonic.net
Tue Dec 20 00:19:13 UTC 2022

Anybody remember this area?

With a fresh clone on Fedora which uses
  Python 3.11.0

test-all/test.log:Trouble with test-all

Looking in test-all/test.log

The build looks clean.  It dies in the checking that all the programs run well 
enough to print their version info:

    running: main/ntpd/ntpd --version  FAILED
    Expected: ntpd

    Got (stdout): ntpd ntpsec-1.2.1+135-g62cb02f74

The Got looks good to me so the tester is broken?

Then the python stuff

    running: main/ntpclients/ntpdig --version  FAILED
    Expected: ntpdig

    Got (stderr): ntpdig: can't find Python NTP library -- check PYTHONPATH.
    No module named 'ntp.ntpc'

I've forgotten how this stuff works.  I think the "." in there is really a 
slash.  Python is looking for ntp/ntpc.py

I see ./test-minimal/main/pylib/ntpc.py in all the others but not in test-all
Same for libntpc.so

The log file shows:
  [ 96/137] Linking test-all/main/pylib/ntpc
with no errors.

I get the same results after I chop off my 2 recent commits.

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