Buggy WNRO fixup

Hal Murray halmurray at sonic.net
Wed Dec 29 11:02:00 UTC 2021

rlaager at wiktel.com said:
> This is what you're thinking of (slightly trimmed): 

Thanks.  I wonder how long it would have taken me to find that.

Gary said:
> Basically, if the GPS reports more the 17 leap seconds, then the time has to
> be aster 1 Jan 2017.


I assume the leap second tangle is so avoid breaking some very old test cases 
by bumping them into the current epoch.

The code I was expecting doesn't know anything about leaps.

It would be close to:
  while (t < PIVOT) t += 1024*7*86400

Where PIVOT would be the release date in seconds.


Are there any GPS units old enough to need to get bumped twice?

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