thinking of tagging 1.2.0 for when NTS is officially official.

Hal Murray hmurray at
Sun May 31 05:16:51 UTC 2020

ghane0 at said:
> Hal, are we talking of the ntske port, 4460/tcp ?

> As I understand it, NTS requires an out-of-band pre-arrangement.  It makes no
> sense for me to probe random IP addresses for an NTS server to use, why would
> I trust this?  So there would be an existing channel between the operator and
> users of the NTS system. 

It's not a random address.  It's the default port number to use when you say 
something like:
  server nts
You can specify a port number with:
  server nts

"pre-arrangement" and "existing channel" are interesting terms.  You don't 
specify the port number when you use ssh or http to talk to a box.  (At least 
most of the time.)

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