ntpq vs Python 3.8

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh at xs4all.nl
Tue May 26 04:18:58 UTC 2020

On 26-05-2020 00:31, Hal Murray via devel wrote:
> Fedora is updating from Python 3.7 to 3.8.
> That breaks ntpq (and friends) because the installed ntp libraries are over in 3.7 but ntpq is looking in 3.8
> Is there a good/clean fix for this?  Should the code that chops the ".py? off the name also fixup the first line of the script to replace "python" with "python3.x"?

When awe are looking into the python corner, can we please fix these
build errors?

Bytecompiling .py files below
using /usr/bin/python3.7
+ /usr/lib/rpm/brp-python-hardlink
+ /usr/lib/rpm/redhat/brp-mangle-shebangs
mangling shebang in /usr/bin/ntpleapfetch from /bin/sh to #!/usr/bin/sh
Processing files: ntpsec-1.1.9-0.fc31.x86_64
error: Invalid version (double separator '-'): python3.7dist(ntp) ==
error: Invalid version (double separator '-'): python3dist(ntp) ==

These have been around for quite a while.

Kind regards,

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