Python, testing

James Browning jamesb.fe80 at
Tue Jan 14 21:51:17 UTC 2020

On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 10:40 PM Hal Murray <hmurray at> wrote:
> > Any particular distro anyone wants it to run on? j/k
> The idea is NOT to run it as part of a normal checkin, but have something in
> addition that could be triggered manually or by the equivalent of a cron job.
> I'm thinking of weekly or monthly and before a release.
> In that context, we should run it on all distros.
> It's a very low probability of finding problems, but better that we find them
> before the users do.

I just added a rough version of them as merge request !1082 at GitLab.

Minor points worth noting are that there are no working Debian/Ubuntu runners.
The macOS and FreeBSD runners are untested. The OpenSUSE runners need
a couple of mods to

There are other mods to, generating a  bit slicing
number to output
in case of detected errors, and the ability to use a custom Python
binary like python3.

I would prefer feedback only on GitLab, but I know some developers do
not use it.

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