Python, testing

Matthew Selsky Matthew.Selsky at
Tue Jan 14 01:45:05 UTC 2020

On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 05:06:01PM -0800, Hal Murray via devel wrote:

> A year or 2 ago, I put together a script to test as many build time options as 
> I thought reasonable.  It's in ./tests/
> Does anybody other than me use it?
> It's a bit of a CPU hog -- too much to run routinely.  Can we set things up to 
> run it on the gitlab OS collection weekly or manually when we get close to a 
> release?
> At the back end of each build step, it runs each of our python programs far 
> enough to print out their version string.  That's far from a thorough test, 
> but a whole lot better than nothing.  (Thanks to the people who put that in.)  
> In particular, it does (should?) check loading the libraries.  I think the 
> same code gets run post install.
> There is also a tests/ that explicitly uses python3
> I added a clone for python2 a day or two ago.   (but forgot to finish typing 
> this message)

I'm not certain how these scripts are much different than our existing CI jobs... we already have CI jobs for both Python2 and Python3.


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