Python, testing

Hal Murray hmurray at
Tue Jan 14 01:06:01 UTC 2020

>From Gary:
>  I find if I do not test on python2 that I quickly break code.

A year or 2 ago, I put together a script to test as many build time options as 
I thought reasonable.  It's in ./tests/

Does anybody other than me use it?

It's a bit of a CPU hog -- too much to run routinely.  Can we set things up to 
run it on the gitlab OS collection weekly or manually when we get close to a 

At the back end of each build step, it runs each of our python programs far 
enough to print out their version string.  That's far from a thorough test, 
but a whole lot better than nothing.  (Thanks to the people who put that in.)  
In particular, it does (should?) check loading the libraries.  I think the 
same code gets run post install.

There is also a tests/ that explicitly uses python3
I added a clone for python2 a day or two ago.   (but forgot to finish typing 
this message)


How does waf tell the c compiler which Python.h to use?
My system has:


What can we do about testing things like ntpq?

Is there a ntpd running on the gitlab build boxes?  Is it worthwhile to just 
run commands without checking the answers?  (catch crashes but not much else)

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