ntp in /etc/services

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Aug 12 04:21:37 UTC 2020

I'm scanning for 123, trying to make sure all the old references to 123 for 
the NTS port number get changed to 4460.

docs/debug.adoc says:
    1.  Verify the +/etc/services+ file host machine has an entry for 123/udp.
    If you are using NTS, you must also have an entry for 123/tcp.

Currently, the code doesn't need /etc/services

Is that a bug, or should I remove that chunk of text?


ntp.h has
#define   NTP_PORT        123     /* included for non-unix machines */
#define   NTP_PORTA       "123"   /* or unix without /etc/services */

I think all the places that might look for "ntp" via /etc/services have been 
changed to use NTP_PORTA

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