Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Thu Apr 16 01:37:50 UTC 2020

Anybody object if I remove it?

It's used to conditionalize logging of various messages from refclocks.  You 
will see them if your ntp.conf has"
  logconfig +clockall
(and won't see them by default)

include/ntp_syslog.h:#define LOGIF(nlog_suffix, msl_args)                      
ntpd/refclock_trimble.c:        LOGIF(CLOCKINFO, (LOG_NOTICE, "%s open at %s",
ntpd/refclock_nmea.c:   LOGIF(CLOCKINFO, (LOG_NOTICE, "%s serial %s open at %s 
ntpd/refclock_nmea.c:               LOGIF(CLOCKINFO, (LOG_NOTICE, "%s PPS %s 
ntpd/refclock_gpsd.c:   LOGIF(CLOCKINFO,
ntpd/refclock_gpsd.c:   LOGIF(CLOCKINFO,
ntpd/ntp_wrapdate.c:            LOGIF(CLOCKINFO, (LOG_INFO,

They are all very low volume that are useful for debugging, especially when 
somebody asks for help on users@ or devel@

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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