Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Nov 20 14:30:45 UTC 2019

> I created a gps-interface. This clock ticks every 2 seconds sometimes 3, 4 of
> 13 seconds. Not very reliable but very precise (as it is a contraption
> connected to a gps). 

> *SHM(0)          .SHM.            0 l    9   64  377   0.0000   0.0898   0.2752 <----
> assoc=26882: 1 event, clk_bad_signal                                            <----

> I noticed it says clk_bad_signal which indicates signal loss. That seems to
> be correct. I'm surprised though that the clock is still selected as a
> source? 

I think that clk_bad_signal is a startup glitch.

Turn on clockstats and check in there.  As long as you are getting some ticks, 
I think the SHM driver will be happy.  I'd have to check the code to be sure.  
There may be a filter that requires some fraction.

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