ntpq mrulist bug

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Nov 20 13:59:07 UTC 2019

I know what's going wrong, but I'm not enough of a python geek to see a clean 

The basic idea is that the client sends a request and the server sends back a 
clump of packets.  The client specifies the max clump size.  What's happening 
is that at least one packet of the clump is getting lost.  The code is 
supposed to reduce the clump size when that happens, but that's not working.

Here is the code outline:
  mrulist calls doquery to get a clump of data
    there is an except phrase to reduce the clump size
  doquery calls sendrequest then getresponse
  getresponse returns the answer in self.response
    it also returns None (and maybe falls off the end with no return?)

I think getresponse needs to return two things.
  one is the data
  the second is a flag: none, some, all

There are lots of raises and excepts in there that I haven't sorted out.

I think the code should return partial data.  It doesn't.  Or it doesn't get 

What's the right way to structure this?  Should we fix the current code, or 
make a drastic change?


Where is the if for this else?  Can else go with something other than if?

The code past the else is the normal case.  It gets run if the break doesn't 

This chunk of code is from near the end of getresponse in pylib/packet.py

            # If we've seen the last fragment, look for holes in the sequence.
            # If there aren't any, we're done.
            if seenlastfrag and fragments[0].offset == 0:
                for f in range(1, len(fragments)):
                    if fragments[f-1].end() != fragments[f].offset:
                        warndbg("Hole in fragment sequence, %d of %d"
                                % (f, len(fragments)), 1)
                else:   <=== this one
                    tempfraglist = [ntp.poly.polystr(f.extension) \
                                    for f in fragments]
                    self.response = ntp.poly.polybytes("".join(tempfraglist))
                    warndbg("Fragment collection ends. %d bytes "
                            " in %d fragments"
                            % (len(self.response), len(fragments)), 1)

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