Building Docs by Default

Richard Laager rlaager at
Mon Dec 30 21:09:22 UTC 2019

MR !1037 [1], by James Browning, "significantly revises the document
build system. It adds the ability to use asciidoctor, asciidoc3, and
odd-numbered versions like asciidoc-py3 9.0.0rc1. It also changes the
build system to fail hard, unless there is a working AsciiDoc toolchain,
or both --disable-doc and --disable-man are specified when configuring."

In other words:

1) It builds docs by default, which matches the current behavior of
   building man pages by default.
2) If you are missing an asciidoc processor, it fails hard instead of
   silently not building (docs and) man pages.

Item #1 was inspired by Matt Selsky's comments, "we should get our story
straight on building docs vs man pages. Do we really need separate knobs
for that? And can we get the enable/disable by default to be consistent?
Perhaps even at the expense of having them not be consistent with the
previous release?"

Do the two changes above seem okay?

Should we also merge these into one flag (i.e. drop --disable-manpage
and keep --disable-doc)?

If we're building docs by default, should the (non-minimal) CI
("pipeline") builders build docs?



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