[OT] Splitting PPS?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Dec 14 06:31:34 UTC 2019

> Does anyone have recommendations for GPS antenna RF-to-fiber converters or
> other ways to have the GPS antenna a long way (in a building) from the GPS
> receiver? 

How far is "a long way"?

One approach is amplifiers and coax.  The most cost effective coax is the good 
cable TV stuff.  RG-6, I think.  It's 75 ohms rather than 50, but that loss is 
minor relative to the length of the coax.  You can get in-line amplifiers.

Plan B is to put the receiver out near the antenna and send the signals back 
at low bandwidth.  For anything past a short length you want differential 

I've been thinking of building a pair of boards using Ethernet cables.  They 
have 4 pairs.  Transmit, Receive, PPS, and power.  That's as far as the design 
has gone.

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