Anybody object to requiring OpenSSL 1.0.2 or newer?

Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Dec 9 10:54:25 UTC 2019

Anybody running on a system with really really old version of OpenSSL?

The spec requires ALPN.  OpenSSL added support for ALPN in release 1.0.2

I'd like to require 1.0.2 or newer but don't want to yank the rug out from 
underneath anybody.  Is anybody running in an environment with an older 
version?  If so, what distro/version?

I don't think we have a formal support policy.   I've been trying to support 
(most of) the versions of distros that are supported by their providers.  Many 
distros support current and previous.  Some have LTS (Long Term Support) for 
another version or two.

Anybody running on macOS?  Solaris?  (Open)SUSE?  ....

Fedora supports 30 and 31.  Both have 1.1.1d

Debian 9/stretch is using 1.1.0l, 10/buster is on 1.1.1d
Debian 8/jessie is on LTS until June 2020.  It's using 1.01.
I assume Ubuntu has something similar.

CentOS supports 6,  7, and 8. 
6 has 1.0.1e-fips  Support for 6 times out in another year.
I think 7 ships with 1.0.2
8 ships with 1.0.2k

NetBSD supports 7 and 8.
NetBSD 7.2 ships with 1.0.1u but 1.0.2 is available via a package and that 
gets dragged in by python which is needed to build ntpsec.   NetBSD 8 ships 
with 1.0.2.  They are working on 9.

FreeBSD supports 11 and 12.
11 has 1.0.2  12 has 1.1.1d

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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