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> On 9/21/2018 1:07 AM, Sanjeev Gupta wrote:
> My concern is that the space between "25" and "kg" should be
> non-breaking.  Else, readability suffers badly.  How do you do this in
> asciidoc?
> By non-breaking....I assume you mean some way to ensure that the value
> doesn't get separated from the unit on a line-break during conversion? I
> hadn't even thought of that.

Yes, having a sentence ...

The change in the value of the residual, after 2 hours or 35 iterations,
should not exceed 23
ppm is a requirement of various standards, among which are NIST 543:62 and
180 published in 2017.

... is slightly confusing wih the line breaks as above.

> A quick search yielded this -
> Use the non-breaking space character entity reference   (see the
> next question). You could also use the predefined {nbsp} attribute
> reference.
> The problem them is that although the HTML (and PDF) document would be
great, the text file would be unreadable.This destroys the reason to use

> But then - would that imply that the non-breaking space would have to be
> inserted at nearly all value/unit entries, since we can't know for sure
> where asciidoc may wind up doing a line break? I guess it could be
> case-by-case, if a test conversion has it happen, insert one there.

... but you do not know how wide my terminal is when I display the text ...

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