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Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Sep 17 20:46:17 UTC 2018


Looks good.  I'll send some more comments in separate messages.

I'm getting closer to actually working on SINGLEBUFFER.

Possible additions:

Refclock cleanup.   The idea is to split the individual refclocks out from the 
main ntpd package.  I don't  have good ideas on how to do it.  Maybe use a 
pipe.  Maybe use SHM.  ???  The current API is (much?) more complicated than 
the obvious refclock stuff.  There is also msyslog and record_clock_stats and 
probably others.

SHM cleanup.  The reading side should be read only.

Better testing.  We need live testing as well as build-time tests.

Release procedures:  I was disappointed with the last release.  I don't have a 
simple suggestion on how to fix it, but NetBSD 8 was out for a long time 
before our release.  This may be tangled up with testing procedures.


What's the relation between your message and devel/TODO?

Should we have a semi-systematic process to review the task list occasionally? 
 I'm thinking of roughly monthly.  Sooner if there has been a big change.  
Longer if we are all working on something.  But not so long that we don't 
pause occasionally to review what we should be doing.

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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