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On 09/17/2018 12:34 PM, Eric S. Raymond via devel wrote:
> We now have a goal of moving all our client-side code from Python to Go.
> Benefits: (1) banish the horror that is Python library directories, (2)
> remove a run-time dependency for operators, (3) build competence and
> infrastructure for a port of ntpd itself to Go.
> There is no blocker on this.  I expect it to be pretty swift and pleasant.
> Ian will probably take point.
> [...]
> Imporant qustion: have I missed anything?

There is a blocker of PYTOGO: GOWAF.


The build system needs to accept Go code and do Right Things with it. Go has Very Specific Ideas about what goes where, which are well documented. waf has Equally Specific Ideas of what it wants, but doesn't say much. Once GOWAF is complete I will begin PYTOGO, but until then I am generously willing to allow anyone who is interested to challenge themselves on this opportunity. TL;DR: [incoherent screaming]

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