Unify clockmaker and pinup; and some other stuff

MIKE MAJOR ossfm at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 7 01:49:59 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,
I'd like to tell you what I've been working on. I submitted MRs for the HOWTO section numbering and the other adds the Pi Model 3B+ to clockmaker. 

I have 2 other branches that I haven't submitted MR for yet. One is PEP8 clean up on clockmaker. There will be at least one merge conflict here, assuming the Model 3B+ h/w MR is accepted first. I was waiting to submit so I could fix that before submitting the MR. If you want me to submit the MR and you deal with the conflict, I can do that.  

I have another branch in the queue. It creates directories and permissions on /var/lib/ntp & /var/log/ntpstats in clockmaker. These directories are not created by clockmaker. Evidence of the missing directories were the errors showing up in the log files. One is rather important as that is where the driftfile is kept. Oddly enough, the HOWTO text has the directories in there already. If the HOWTO section numbers existed, I could point you there that way. Suffice it to say it is in the section "Smoke-test NTPsec". 

Over the last couple of days, I've been playing with merging pinup and clockmaker. I've gotten pretty far, though it is still incomplete. Below is a copy/paste from the terminal. I've just been developing on the Pi. I haven't branched/pushed up to my fork yet. The '--gpio' argument is new. It performs the pinup function. 

pi at raspberrypi:~ $ ./clockmaker
Please specify a configuration stage argument:
  --config = basic SBC configuration
  --build = build timeservice software (generate ntp.conf)
  --update = update timeservice software (don't change ntp.conf)
  --install = install timeservice software
  --mask = create and enable non-default user
  --secure = secure the timeserver
  --strip = strip out unneeded services
  --gpio = configure GPIO pin
pi at raspberrypi:~ $ 
pi at raspberrypi:~ $ ./clockmaker --gpio
non-root user - display status only
hostname:   raspberrypi
SBC:        Raspberry Pi
Revision:   Pi 3 Model B+
GPIO:       Adafruit
pi at raspberrypi:~ $ 
pi at raspberrypi:~ $ sudo ./clockmaker --gpio
root user - changes are allowed
hostname:   raspberrypi
SBC:        Raspberry Pi
Revision:   Pi 3 Model B+
GPIO:       Adafruit

A = Adafruit
U = Uputronics
S = SKU 42425
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