Something broken - decodenetnum

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed May 2 20:20:18 UTC 2018

I just pushed a simple fix.  GitLab tells me:
  Subject: ntpsec | Pipeline #21417003 has failed for master | 7f1a350a

Anybody recognize this?

It works for me on Fedora 27.  The tests that fail are clang-basic and 
clang-refclocks and the same pair again and python-coverage.

The previous pipeline was 4 days ago.  It passed.  My change was in 
ntpd/ntp_proto.c, far from libntp.

TEST(clocktime, AlwaysInLimit) PASS
TEST(decodenetnum, Services)../../tests/libntp/decodenetnum.c:27::FAIL: 
Expected Not-Equal
TEST(decodenetnum, IPv4AddressOnly)../../tests/libntp/decodenetnum.c:44::FAIL:
 Expected 0 Was -8
TEST(decodenetnum, IPv4AddressWithPort) PASS
TEST(decodenetnum, IPv4AddressWithPort2)../../tests/libntp/decodenetnum.c:76::
FAIL: Expected 0 Was -8
TEST(decodenetnum, IPv6AddressOnly)../../tests/libntp/decodenetnum.c:98::FAIL:
 Expected 0 Was -8
TEST(decodenetnum, IPv6AddressWithPort) PASS
TEST(decodenetnum, IllegalAddress) PASS
TEST(decodenetnum, IllegalCharInPort) PASS
TEST(hextolfp, PositiveInteger) PASS

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