Dump bison

Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Tue Jun 19 15:22:51 UTC 2018

Richard Laager via devel <devel at ntpsec.org>:
> On 06/19/2018 01:27 AM, Hal Murray via devel wrote:
> > Currently, we require Bison in the build environment.  We don't really need 
> > that.  We only need Bison to run on some system we have access to.  Then we 
> > could treat the output as source and put it in git.  It adds a layer of 
> > complexity that I'm happy we don't have, but it is a possibility.
> If you go down this road, please make sure to ship the actual source
> file too, and have some way to use it. I'll need to do that in the
> Debian package so it's built from the original source and not the
> intermediate products.

No way we wouldn't ship the Yacc, too.  I *would* put my foot down
about that, if I needed to.

I forgot that some distros have this policy.  It adds some weight to
the argument for not trying to get rid of the Bison build dependency.
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