Dump bison

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Tue Jun 19 13:57:10 UTC 2018

On 06/19/2018 01:27 AM, Hal Murray via devel wrote:
> Currently, we require Bison in the build environment.  We don't really need 
> that.  We only need Bison to run on some system we have access to.  Then we 
> could treat the output as source and put it in git.  It adds a layer of 
> complexity that I'm happy we don't have, but it is a possibility.

If you go down this road, please make sure to ship the actual source
file too, and have some way to use it. I'll need to do that in the
Debian package so it's built from the original source and not the
intermediate products.


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