Python talk Wed: Guido: Optional Static Typing for Python

Hal Murray hmurray at
Fri Jun 8 04:33:56 UTC 2018

Video at:

I thought it was good.  I really like type checking.  I remember the first 
time I figured out what was going on when the compiler gave me an error 
message for using foo where I wanted foo*.  Thank you!

 I'm not enough of a language geek to run with it.  (Maybe limp, with a lot 
of effort.)

They are focusing on Python 3.  Dropbox has updated 2 out of 6 million lines 
of code.

The general idea is to add info to the source code that the runtime ignores 
but pypy can process.  Python 2 requires different syntax.

There is some mechanism for adding info without editing the source.  TypeShed 
is the buzzword.  It contains type info on lots of the system libraries.


How much longer will we support python 2?  I think Guido said it goes EoL at 
the start of 2020, but will probably be in use long after that.  Do any of 
our current targets not support Python 3?

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