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> Yo Eric!
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> > Hal Murray via devel <devel at>:
> > > One interesting case is the home user.  Roughly, they don't have
> > > sysadmins and they only have one interface.  (Laptops might have
> > > both WiFi and Ether, but I'll bet somebody turns off WiFi if the
> > > Ether gets plugged in.)  
> > 
> > For them, just defaulting to listen on the wildcard address is OK.
> > I think.  Am I missing something?
> Yes.  For example, imagine you are serving leap smeared time on yout
> ntpd.  You do not want it leaking on the internet.  So instead you lock
> your ntpd to serve just your inside interface, and your internal IPs.
> The easy way to server your internal IPs is to assign your ntpd to your
> internal non-routed local private IPv4 numbers.
> You may say that can be duplicate in your firewall settings.  But maybe
> you want to run two ntpd, one leap smeared, one normal.  And you want to
> put one on one interface/address, and the other on another interface/address.
> Both quite common configurations.

For a home user????

I think we're failing to distinguish some cases here.

Mark, would you explain how you think an admin would handle such a scenario
under Case OMEGA? I certainly don't have a clue. 
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