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Tue Jan 9 16:07:30 UTC 2018

On 01/09/2018 09:58 AM, Jason Azze via devel wrote:
> At the risk of sounding like a drop-out from a Scrum Master training
> camp, could you explain briefly what the "story" is for this tool?
> I use SNMP every day to monitor the health of lots of servers and
> services, but, to be honest, I haven't been able to follow what you're
> trying to achieve with ntpsnmpd.

Good question. My understanding (what was mentioned back when I was 
pointed at the project months ago) is that it is to provide another 
monitoring system for people using SNMP. Essentially stuffing mode 6 
through another pipe.

> If I run it on a time server, will I (in my capacity as a sysadmin
> running time servers) be able to aim my monitoring system at it make
> queries about the state of ntpd?


> Just to clarify, I'm not criticizing your effort or purpose. I just
> literally don't know what the goal is even though I feel like I've
> been following along.

I've been focusing on the implementation, no idea what the 30,000ft view 
looks like. I had never even heard of SNMP before this. That no doubt 
fills you with confidence :D.

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