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Tue Jan 9 15:26:16 UTC 2018

I have nearly finished filling out the MIB tree for SNMP. What gaps are 
left involve data I do not know how to get:

* Time Resolution (not to be confused with Time /Precision/, which is 
one of the first entries I implemented)

* Time Distance

* Validation for the TestSet sequence. According to the RFC this is one 
of the most complicated parts of an agent to get right. Currently it is 
setup to be failsafe, which we can get away with for now because the NTP 
MIB only has two writable entries, and simple ones at that.

* Check if ntpd configuration changed. The description listed in the RFC 
is: "The notification to be sent when the NTP configuration has changed, 
e.g., when the system connected to the Internet and was assigned a new 
IP address by the ISPs DHCP server.". But I do not know the full extent 
of what to check, or how to do so.

There are other issues, but they mostly have to do with refactoring and 
robustifying the code. The ones I am listing here require input from 
someone else.

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