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Hal Murray hmurray at
Mon Jan 8 21:14:49 UTC 2018

Was: Re: Catching up

Gary said:
> waf should be putting the version in ntploggps, then it will mean something,
> and can run standalone

There was similar discussion of waf editing man pages to get the date on the 
bottom left corner.

I don't understand waf well enough to go there.

I think this branch of the thread started when you wanted to be able to run 
ntplogtemp directly rather than running it out of build/main/ntpclients/

I don't see any need to link the version of things like simple logging 
scripts to the main ntpsec versions.

Maybe it's time to move ntpviz and the logging stuff to a separate package.

> Yeah, because you have the NTPsec python library installed somewhere.

So it's printing the library version rather than its version.

If waf did edit a local version string, we could add a sanity check to verify 
that a top level program was running with a new-enough version of the library.

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