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Yo Richard!

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> On 01/07/2018 04:27 AM, Hal Murray via devel wrote:
> > Is there a recipe for setting our stuff up to use Python3 when the
> > system defaults python to Python2?  

Depends a lot on what OS you are using.  On gentoo just use

> For the Debian packaging, I do two things:
> 1) Instead of ./waf configure/build/install, I use: python3 waf ...
> 2) I patch the #!/usr/bin/env python to be #!/usr/bin/python3
> This isn't fully thought through, but one idea would be:
> Have waf capture the path to python. Then, substitute that in during
> ./waf install. Instead of the default substitution (@VARIABLE@), I
> would probably do a custom one. That way, the scripts can be run
> directly from the source tree (with the /usr/bin/env shebang).

Do what you want on Debian, but that would be bad on Gentoo.  Gentoo
has a tool called eselect.  With it I can select what version of python
to use as system default from the command line.  Just one simple

For Gentoo, embedding versions in files is officially discouraged.

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