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Achim Gratz Stromeko at
Thu Jan 4 21:53:15 UTC 2018

Ian Bruene via devel writes:
> Did people just not usually use /usr/local/ much in the Eldar Days?

I can't tell you what people did, but on SunOS I did install GNU stuff
like multiple versions of gcc and emacs there, but not xntpd (the
predecessor of ntpd).  The whole /usr/local thing was much more common
on BSD derived systems anyway, SysV derived like Solaris were more
likely to use /opt/<pkg> for the same purpose.  There were and still are
quite complicated setups that allow to physically install things into
different locations and then make them logically appear in other places,
usually for the purpose of having mutually exclusive programs available
on a single system anyway (the alternatives system is one of the saner
examples of this).  Now, even if things get installed into some other
locations than where the system usually expects them, they still need to
know about the _system_ libraries and executables that they depend on
and those will be reachable via their system path.

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