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On 01/04/2018 11:44 AM, Richard Laager via devel wrote:
> I'm not convinced it's actually bad form. Can you elaborate on why you
> see this as hideous?

My understanding is that embedding paths into code like this is 
something that Shouldn't Be Done unless absolutely necessary. It also 
adds the complication of the build system having to edit the code. I may 
need to recalibrate my understanding.

The need to copy the code across several files because it can't be 
imported doesn't help either, but that is a minor point; there are 
larger duplicates. I am fine with this solution if people can agree on it.

> There is a reason that build systems from autoconf to waf support
> embedding paths, in the style of @PREFIX@ or @SYSCONFDIR@: it is the
> best solution for certain problems. I don't think that embedding the
> path to look for *this project's* module is any worse than an
> application embedding search paths for its own plugins, images, sounds, etc.

I definitely need to recalibrate.

> Python's default sys.path is itself built from the embedded copy of
> Python's prefix.

I was aware of this from chasing down the bug on my system. Didn't 
consider it relevant to !615 because the sys.path builder is part of the 
distribution code.

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