Should we just remove the broadcast option?

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Wed Feb 21 03:25:52 UTC 2018

I think all modern Windows machines get their address from their domain
controller, or from ntp?

If its a snarl, Im tending towards removing it, and documenting it's

On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 5:16 PM Eric S. Raymond via devel <devel at>

> Mark! Heads up...exernal/marketing issue incoming.
> Hal Murray via devel <devel at>:
> > Is anybody using/testing it?
> Not as far as I know
> > We don't support receiving broadcast.
> No, I removed that after Daniel explained that it's unsecurable.
> > It used to support a ttl option.  That got broken/dropped somewhere
> > along the way.  Should I restore that?  Or maybe document that it is
> > missing?  ...
> I believe I already performed that documentationectomy.  If there are
> remnants, of course we need to fix them in one direction or the other
> depending about the high-level decision aout supporting brodast mode.
> > Context is that I'm cleaning up the mode/ttl mess.  The mode for
> > refclocks used to live in the ttl slot.  Since the ttl slot isn't
> > used any more, I'm fixing up all the names.
> Good plan.
> About the major issue:
> I believe we retained bradcast mode thinking of a scenario where a bunch
> of Windows machines on a lan are being fed time information from NTPsec.
> You're our NTP operations old hand.  Do you think this is common?
> The big question is whetger this is an important scenario for us to cover.
> In view of who we have an eye on as a target market, I'm inclined to
> doubt it...but this kind of thing in Mark's bailiwick.
> I of course, would be happy to remove it to reduce complexity and
> testing scenarios.
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