ANNOUNCE: NTPsec version 1.1.2

Hal Murray hmurray at
Fri Aug 31 05:42:55 UTC 2018

esr at said:
>> Please say more.  How many selects are there currently?
> Three. The two of interest are for network sockets and refclocks. 

I'm missing something big.  Where did you get the idea there were multiple 

There is only 1 interesting select, actually pselect.  It handles both sockets 
and refclocks.  We only have one thread.  How would it work with separate 

It also handles the routing socket.  It should be simple to add others.  We 
need to keep a list of who to call when input is ready.

There is another select for the -w option.   And maybe another in the library 
used by the DNS lookup thread.  There is one in gpsd_test_socket in 
refclock_gpsd.  I assume it doesn't block.

> Also, we want to elminate once-per-second time ticks and move to an
> event-queue-based architecture that only wakes up when it needs to. 

That would be good.  It would probably be much simpler to understand that area 
after the queue gets removed.

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