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Wed Aug 15 03:11:21 UTC 2018

MIKE MAJOR via devel <devel at>:
> The first edits I propose are to massage the TOC indentations and add section numbers. 
> First, the TOC indentations. The major sections should not be indented. By major section I mean mainly the phases called out like Early Configuration, Smoke-test the SBC/HAT combination, Live-test the GPS and so on. The supporting sections should be indented to show they are part of a larger section. 
> The second change I propose is to add section numbers. The idea is to let the reader know where they are in the process. It can also help to have a number to refer to when discussing a section. A user contacting the project might type "In reference to section 4d. Clockmaker...". Here is a sample TOC. It is a snippet from my cloned repo with asciidoc modifications applied, built and rendered in a browser.
> 1. Introduction
> 2. Parts list
> 3. Hardware assembly
>     3a. Understanding the GPIO connector
> 4. Configuration overview
>     4a. Make a bootable SD
>     4b. First boot
>     4c. First ssh access
>     4d. Clockmaker

I doubt think either of these is possible, and if possible it's not going
to be anything is wasy.  The ToC is generated - you'd probably have to
modify the Python source code of asciidoc to change the indenting. 
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