Preparing for upcoming release

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Mon Aug 13 19:34:31 UTC 2018

I've been bug-stomping a lot recently. We're down from 23 issues to
13, 12 once Ian finishes work on Hal's most recent RFE.  None look
like blockers to me, it's been about three months, and the
data-minimization implementation makes a good headline feature.

That says to me that it's time for another release.

So, core devs: please scan the current issue list.  If you see
anything you consider a blocker, speak up.  Whether or not it's
a blocker, please identify your issue of most near-term concern
so we can figure out what our priorities ought to be.

Subject to Mark's override, I'm going to schedule code freeze in one
week (Aug 20) and release date a week after that (Aug 27).
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