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MIKE MAJOR ossfm at
Mon Aug 13 02:54:48 UTC 2018

Hello all,
I would like to start proposing some changes to the HOWTO. Originally I assumed that I would clone the repo to my local computer, make changes and push them back to the repo. 

I've spent some time today learning about gitlab and projects and contributing. Now I think that the correct way is to fork the project into my own gitlab repo. I would clone my gilab fork to my local computer. Changes would be made there and then pushed to my repo. Then I would make a merge request from my own repo to the ntpsec official repo.

Am I on the right track? 

Is there someone I should talk to off-list with these sorts of questions? Perhaps the devel list doesn't need to get clogged with these high level questions. 

I found devel/hacking.txt and read it. That is good info. I'm sure I'm not going to be hacking there yet. Web pages and HOWTO are a good start for me. 

I also just found that the web page docs are in a different repo (NTPsec/www). Also good to know. 

Thanks in advance,Mike

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