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Tue Aug 7 03:00:04 UTC 2018

Hello all,
I've read through the "Parts List and Assembly" section of the HOWTO with a noobie's mind. I've done the same, performed and verified the steps in the "Create the Bootable SD" section. My pi boots and I have ssh access. I've gotten all the way to the "Clockmaker" section. I did all that yesterday and last night. I've made a good many notes. I can share them however you like. I'm considering modding the asciidoc source for the HOWTO locally and then providing a diff. We can talk about that later though. 

This evening I was reading through the Clockmaker script closer. I noticed that the prerequisite ncurses-dev is not a real debian package. I've read ahead in the HOWTO text and I see that later the package ncurses5-dev is asked to be installed. 

I believe both of these to be incorrect. ncurses{,5}-dev are not real packages in debian. ncurses-dev is provided by libncurses5-dev. 

I have not performed these actions yet but I believe the gpsd build may fail. The debian package gpsd-clients has a dependency on libncurses5. I've never been a packager for a distro so I'm not sure, but I guess I could dig into that package and see where the source is. I'm not sure if building gpsd from source as directed in the HOWTO also builds the gpsd-clients. I guess I'll find out when I actually do it. (I'm sure Eric knows on the top of his head ;-) ) Perhaps that will be tomorrow as it is getting late here in SC. 

I do now see that I was incorrect in my last mail. I stated that the 8 sections are not to be found. They are to be found. They are just a long way down there. Please excuse my hastiness. I certainly mean no disrespect. 

Mike Major

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