argparse vs getopt

Eric S. Raymond esr at
Thu Jun 15 13:24:20 UTC 2017

Ian Bruene via devel <devel at>:
> Nice timing; in testing the getopt version I think there is an assumption
> that needs to be examined.
> Does there need to be a default logfile name in the first place?
> The only time it is needed is when the user specifies logging to a file.
> Implementing a default means that ntpq needs an entire option, and for what?
> Debug logging to a file is an inherently unusual operation. Either the user
> wants the file for immediate use (no default needed), or has an alias setup
> for automatic logging, and then any default should be in /var/log/ or
> whatever, not the working directory (and the alias can specify that).

Good argument.  The only question is whether the semantics you propose
would create a confusing difference from ntpd.
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