clockvar reporting from generic (DCF77)

Achim Gratz Stromeko at
Mon Feb 20 18:43:39 UTC 2017

Gary E. Miller writes:
> Can you provide a few more details?  Like how your refclock is setup in
> your ntp.conf and where the output you showed comes from?

The refclock is configured in the usual way and I'm talking about the
output of 'ntpq -c "cv &1"'.  The first problem is that ntpq seems to
pick up uninitialized data (that's a bug) before the clock synchronizes
and mishandles something about it on output: it should neither output
binary data unfiltzered nor should it output escape sequences that were
clearly meant to be processed before the output (another bug).  The
missing field separator after the clock has synchronized is likely be a
different problem (probably a third bug).

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