minor CSS suggestion for blog author-byline readability

Royce Williams royce at tycho.org
Wed Feb 15 02:56:00 UTC 2017

Quoting myself on IRC today:

CSS/presentation request for the blog: something to visually separate
the byline from the text ... either more whitespace, or a line or two,
or a different color, etc.

My eyes keep trying to read the first line as:

"One of the earliest technical decisions the NTPsec project made was
to write ESR"

... and the second line as:

"our code to the standard implied by POSIX and C99 (more formally,
"POSIX- Feb 14, 2017", etc.

I'm not familiar with how CSS is shared across the main site, the
blog, etc. This gets the job minimally done enough to get the point
across, against http://blog.ntpsec.org/css/main.css:

--- main.css    2017-02-14 13:58:23.000000000 -0900
+++ main.css.new        2017-02-14 16:19:11.712288862 -0900
@@ -277,7 +277,11 @@
 .post-meta {
   float: right;
   font-size: 16px;
-  color: black; }
+  color: black;
+  padding-left: 8px;
+  padding-bottom: 12px;
+  border-left: 1px solid silver;
+  border-bottom: 1px solid silver; }

 .post-link {
   font-size: 24px; }

[end diff]

Someone else will surely want to make it more progressive-y, etc. I
did try it at different screen sizes and it seemed OK (since it was
already done with a simple, clean float).


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