Python libs on Debian/Raspbian

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Tue Dec 19 20:03:07 UTC 2017

On 12/19/2017 01:50 PM, Gary E. Miller via devel wrote:
> I'm confused.  To me, if you use --prefix, or DESTDIR, then you are
> explicitly NOT doing a system install.  A system install MUST go
> in /usr, per the FHS, and your DESTDIR is preventing that.  So now
> you are a #3.

I, and probably Achim, define system install and user install as follows:
  `./waf configure --prefix=/usr` is a system install.
  `./waf configure --prefix=/home/...` is a user install.

Package build scripts use a system install (`./waf configure
--prefix=/usr`), not a user install (`./waf configure --prefix=/home/...`).

`./waf install --destdir` is temporarily putting the files somewhere else.

If you're going to define "system install" and "user install"
differently, such that this is a "user install":
  ./waf configure --prefix=/usr
  ./waf install --destdir=debian/tmp
then your terminology is consistent, albeit not something I agree with.

If we set aside terminology, can we agree on the following? (Treat
"sudo" as an example of running something as root. It doesn't have to be
literally sudo, of course.)

Default source installs are:
  ./waf configure
  sudo ./waf install
which is equivalent to:
  ./waf configure --prefix=/usr/local
  sudo ./waf install

Source installs to /usr:
  ./waf configure --prefix=/usr
  sudo ./waf install
# These are not FHS compliant, but if someone wants to do this on their
# own system, that's their call.  Also, maybe source-based distros (e.g.
# Gentoo) install like this?  I'm not sure if they use a temp dir.

Package builds are:
  ./waf configure --prefix=/usr
  ./waf install --destdir=some_tmp_path

Installing to $HOME, which is likely less common with this project than
other userspace applications:
  ./waf configure --prefix=$HOME/.local
  ./waf install


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