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Yo Achim!

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> Gary E. Miller via devel writes:
> > Whoa!  Hold up right there.  waf has absolutely nothing to do with
> > #1 above in any binary distro.  To prepare a package for a binary
> > distro the maintainer actually does a #3, then puts the binaries,
> > man pages, config files, etc. into a distro spacific package file.  
> Not in my world, but that doesn't mean such things wouldn't exist.

Well then, how about you explain how your world works?

> Practically all build systems I'm familiar with do a "system install",
> but point the root of that install to some empty space via DESTDIR.

I'm confused.  To me, if you use --prefix, or DESTDIR, then you are
explicitly NOT doing a system install.  A system install MUST go
in /usr, per the FHS, and your DESTDIR is preventing that.  So now
you are a #3.

> Years ago (IIRC, I believe) someone wanted to get rid of DESTDIR by
> using an overlay mount of some sort to capture the transactions on one
> system to play it back on another, but that went nowhere I can find.

Lots of ways to do that.  virtualenv, etc.  Pretty common.

> But that general idea is pretty much alive in the VM and
> containerisation space.

Yup, them to.

> > We need it because when the maintainer builds a binary package he
> > first does a #3 (local install.  
> I'd be curious to see such a system because I can't even begin to
> understand how it would work in reality.

Uh, I think you just described it above, with DESTDIR.  Also, Hal
has been working this week on doing installs in his user home
directory.  So start by asking Hal.

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