Bite of the Buildbugs!

Richard Laager rlaager at
Fri Dec 15 08:53:28 UTC 2017

On 12/14/2017 09:24 PM, Hal Murray wrote:
> I think it would be better to do the check before installing anything.  If we 
> aren't going to automatically fix it, I think we should print an error 
> message and bail.

The problem is, this has false positives. If
/usr/local/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages (or dist-packages on Debian)
doesn't exist, it won't be in sys.path, but *will be* once it exists.

You could try to address this by creating the directory before checking.
However, you shouldn't be creating things on the system as part of the
configure check. Even if you tried, it won't work for prefix=/usr/local
unless someone uses `sudo` for `waf configure`.


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