possible bug: peerstats

Ian Bruene ianbruene at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 14:02:11 UTC 2017

On 08/19/2017 08:54 AM, Achim Gratz via devel wrote:
> I've updated to ntpsec-0.9.7+1104 ten days ago and just realized that
> the peerstats logging has changed format: if I use the new refclock
> syntax, then instead of the 127.127.<driver>.<unit> in the address
> field, I now get the driver name like NMEA(0).  I had written my scripts
> defensively enough to ignore these lines, so it only now dawned on me
> why the associated data went missing.
> In principle I'd like a logging format that uses symbolic names for all
> peers (that'd solve the problem of peers getting new addresses via DHCP
> or IPv6 prefix changes), but please make that configurable and
> independent of the way the server / refclock gets specified in the
> config.

This is a deliberate incompatibility with NTPclassic. The relevant 
sections from docs/ntpsec.txt:

* Clock identifiers in log files are normally the driver shortname
   followed by the unit number in parentheses, rather than the magic IP
   addresses formerly used.  This change affects the peerstats, rawstats,
   and clockstats files.  Reverted in the --enable-classic-mode build.

* An instance of +ntpq+ built from the NTPsec code
   querying a legacy NTP daemon will not automatically display
   peers with 127.127.127.t.u addresses as refclocks; that assumption
   has been removed from the NTPsec code as part of
   getting it fully IPv6-ready.

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