Tracker bugs and our release process

Hal Murray hmurray at
Tue Aug 15 12:27:11 UTC 2017

> * I need to work on #348: reverse function for restrict
> * unpeer should be made to fully work from ntpq :config.  This one is mine too.

There is a quirk tangled in this area.  I don't know if there is a bug for it.

When the pool mode adds a server, if needed, it pokes a hole in the 

We need to remove that hole when that server is removed.

I think we need to add a new flag to indicate that the restrict slot was 
automatically added.

Maybe we should add another flag to disable poking holes.  Maybe it's an 
enhancement rather than bug fix, but this would be the time to do it.


I didn't see fixing ntpq retransmissions on your list.  (I'm still catching 
up so I might have missed it.)

I think the way to fix this is to clean up the logging.

I've never been particularly happy with the standard log level approach.  
Maybe it would make more sense if there was a description of what the levels 
were intended to cover.

Some of the cruft may be my fault.  I hacked a lot of the logging to do what 
I needed when chasing some bug(s?).  I may have broken any plan that you had.

Maybe we need log-to-file.

In the context of fixing this bug, I think I would like a logging mode that 
showed the command line and the packets.  Reply packets can be verbose so 
maybe we need a switch/level for that.  Maybe we need another switch/level to 
show steps within long running commands.  Mumble.

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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